These 5 Web Design Principles Are Going To Skyrocket Your Site

If you are going to launch your business in the e-commerce side of the virtual world of the internet, then prepare your website to take the challenge. In fact, the e-commerce sector is one of the most growing industries of the web.  Consider that every month new business owners join the online commerce to expand their pool of potential customers and improve their sales opportunities.

All You Need Is A Website

And, when it comes to online commerce, a thing is for granted: you need an efficient website to work for you as a "shop window" where you can show your target audience your products. Basically, all the existing e-commerce platforms work this way and you can also like the idea of joining a specialized e-commerce platform like eBay or Amazon (or even both) to start to sell your products in a safe environment.

However, even if you decide to join a worldwide large and appreciated e-commerce platform, you still need your own business website that your customers can access either through the e-commerce platform and from Google or other search engine. Of course, we don't mean that you have to create your website on your own: you simply have to make your research and find out the bext professionals who will take care of your website for you.

Web Design: Not What A Site Looks Like, But How It Works!

So many people in this world tend to think that a good web design is only a matter of what a site looks like at first glance. Well, the truth is that web design is a science which is focused on usability and effectiveness of websites. Of course, all the websites that aren't well designed are destined to fail sooner or later – people are strict judgers when it comes to visual content and if a website looks too complicated or too poor, then they won't be that merciful!

From this viewpoint it's easier for you to understand that you need to meet your audience's tastes and feelings and you need to do that starting from your web design.

Beyond Esthetics, There's Effectivenessweb design

Let's begin our voyage into the best web design principles with the following reflection: a good web design goes always beyond pure esthetics, it's actually a matter of effectiveness, because a website is a tool which works to keep you/your business in contact to your target audience.

  1. The first web design principle is focused on your business goals. If you ask yourself why you need a website, then you will get the correct answer. It's because you want to improve your sales opportunities. So, an effective web design for you has to focus on this precise goal.

  2. Another task of websites is to establish a communication between your business and your customers. Your website has to be intuitive, simple yet attractive so that potential customers will like to visit it and to use it to get in touch to your Customer Service for questions about your products.

  3. An important component of a website is typography. In other words, typography encompasses the type of font that you decide to use to show your writtent content on your web pages. In this regard, the golden rule to keep in mind is to use a simple font, not too big nor too small in size, that everyone can read easily.

  4. Colors represent a very important element in web design, but make sure that the colors that you want to use aren't too agressive or too weak. Select a color palette which is pleasant and significant to your business logo. Use contrasting colors for the writtent text and for the background, so reading will be easier for everyone.

  5. Images are also an essential part of web design, especially for online stores that need to show their customers pictures of each product on sale. If you don't have high quality images to use on your website, you may want to buy stock photos or you may prefer to hire a professional photographer. Videos are also very important as they allow your customers to get a full overview of each product.

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