Rubber Car Components & Use Of Rubber In The Automotive Sector

When it comes to cars and vehicles, we often tend to imagine tons of metal… well, yeah, metals of different types are surely necessary to the automotive industry. However, there are also more materials that are commonly and largely used in the building of vehicles of all types. Rubber is for sure one of the most popular and used materials across a large number of automotive brands.

Why Is Rubber Largely Used In The Automotive Industry?

There are important reasons why rubber is so largely used in the automotive sector:car tires

  • First of all, rubber can withstand harsh environmental conditions: for example, snow or abundant rains.

  • Rubber is flexible and can be processed in a variety of ways, according to the targeted goals.

  • Rubber is extremely resistant to abrasion or to aggressive chemical substances.

  • Another feature of rubber is strong resistance to petroleum and oil.

  • High tear temperatures are not a problem for rubber-made car components.

  • Probably, only a few people know that rubber is resistant to ozone, as well.

Most Common Car Components Made Of Rubber

Now that you know how resistant and useful rubber is in a vehicle, you are surely curious to know what car components are made of rubber. Well, here are some of the most common car components made of these materials:

  • Tires: we all know that car tires are made of rubber. Of course, the rubber for tires is processed in a specific way so that it can withstand extreme temperatures while retaining their shape and features. Another thing, the rubber for car tires is also created in a way that it can stand heavy loads. In particular, car tires are made of 50% different types of rubbers, accordingly to the type of vehicle they are destined to.

  • Pads on pedals are also made of rubber. In this case, you can see that rubber is useful to prevent your shoes from slipping from the pedals while you are driving your vehicle. Rubber pads on pedals are made of high-quality rubbers in order to give you perfect comfort and excellent driving experience.

  • Seals: these car components are essential to avoid any leaks, vibrations, and noise during your car driving. There are two main types of seals: crankshaft seals and radiator seals.

  • Bushing: again about vibration, car bushings are an excellent component to reduce the friction between the metal components of your car. You can find two important types of car bushings: A-arm bushings and sway bar bushings.

  • Mats: if you want to protect your car interiors from damages or usage, rubber mats result to be a superb solution. Rubber car mats are, actually, flexible, comfortable and easy to clean and, what’s more, they can withstand extreme weather conditions. A common alternative to rubber mats is carpet, but rubber mats offer larger advantages as to protection of car interior.

  • Accessories: don’t forget that each vehicle is provided with a very large number of accessories that are made of rubbers of different types. Rubber is also used for certain very small parts of the car doors and of the car windows: in these cases, the type of rubber is different and it can vary a lot according to the car brand.

  • Airbags are also made of rubber. In fact, rubber is the perfect material which can offer an extremely high-level resistance and flexibility at the same time. During a car collision, the special rubber materials of the airbags protect the car passengers/driver from bodily injury.

Replacement Of Car Components

Now it’s useful to know that most rubber car components are the often destined to severe usage or weather conditions. So, it’s not news if you have to replace some rubber components after some time.

You can take your car to a good mechanic or you can fix the trouble yourself. But keep in mind that certain car components need experienced professionals. For example, if your transponder car key doesn’t unlock your car anymore, don’t hesitate to contact local auto locksmiths who can use the right professional tools to reprogram your car key.

Similarly, if your car windows don’t work properly because the rubber component is not in its place or it’s damaged, you’d better look for an expert who can fix the trouble. If you notice that a rubber car component doesn’t work, contact a good auto locksmith: that’s the right person who can replace and/or repair the defecting component.