Non-Tire Crumb Rubber For Sports Fields

Steri-Grind Non-Tire Crumb Rubber for Athletic Fields

Our Steri-grind crumb rubber is a fine ground rubber particle manufactured of 100% recycled virgin rubber designed to enhance your playing field! Distributed amongst synthetic grass, Non-tire Crumb Rubber adds the extra cushioning and springiness that helps keep athletes safe. Steri-Grind Crumb Rubber stays dry, drains moisture, and reduces dust and mud; so no matter what the weather, your field is ready for action!

Steri-Grind Facts:

Provides optimal traction and cushion
Proven Non-toxic, odorless, and much cleaner than tire crumb rubber
Economical-made for a lifetime!
Available in different grades for different applications
Never rots or decomposes
Discourages insect infestation
Won’t blow away in wind or rain
Never freezes
Made of 100% Recycled Sterile Rubber that is tested to be non-toxic

Crumb rubber can also be used in asphalt and other solid mixed safety surfaces. We offer crumb rubber in many different mesh grades, let us know your needs and most likely we can help. For oil and gas operations check out our bore-seal rubber.