About us

In 2007 Nic Campesi founded Nicco, a sales and marketing company unlike any other focusing on the scrap rubber industry.  While Nicco is headquartered in Houston Texas their reach spans the globe.

Nicco buys and sells recycled rubber of all forms and provides consulting to other companies in the rubber business.

Nicco has dominated the synthetic surfacing industry.  Nicco is partner in several businesses that sell everything from Soccer Fields, Playgrounds, to military training facilities.

Nicco is an innovator in non-tire rubber mulch. The company produces the Jelly Bean Rubber Mulch which is a non-toxic rubber mulch made from virgin rubber. This product can be used on playgrounds, and other areas in lieu of traditional recycled tire mulch.

Nicco is the creator of Steri-grind, a non- tire crumb rubber for athletic fields.

Nicco also sources rubber for specialty industrial applications and supplies bore seal LCM rubber to the oil and gas industry.

For more information on our company please contact us at 866-599-8288

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