6 Impressive Uses Of Rubber In Our Day-To-Day Life

We often times tend to take things for granted, until something breaks or we are confronted with some sort of an emergency that forces us to find quick and efficient solutions so we can resume our activities. For example, do you ever think of rubber in general and its different uses in our daily lives? If you are here on our website, it probably means that you are interested in buying some rubber, so your attention span regarding rubber might have suddenly expanded. To come to your help and introduce you to some surprising or unexpected uses of rubber, we have prepared a brief list for you in the next few lines.

Why Do We Need Rubber In Our Lives?rubber bands

Rubber is that stretchy material that we are all acquainted with since we were children. It was first introduced to use in the form of toys (rubber ducks), elastic bands or pencil erasers. But rubber is also a big part of our lives through some other uses.

#1: Waterproof Items

Shoes, wetsuits used by surfers, medicinal gloves or swimming caps all benefit from the waterproof characteristics of rubber. Basically, everything made of rubber is waterproof. Today we rely on natural rubber that is made from latex. Latex is a white runny substance whose molecules can be easily pulled apart and quickly brought back together during the release. This high degree of elasticity is also one of the main reasons why rubber is so widely used for all types of activities that require protection from water.

#2: Rubber Helps Us Correct Mistakes

The first thing that is probably popping up into your mind right now is the image of an eraser. Did you know that you could also use some rubber bands and get the same results, in case you do not have an eraser on you and you need to erase something? Make a rubber band ball by wrapping a few rubbers around a small gold ball and use it like you would use an eraser.

#3: Save ON Soap And Shampoo

If you are having trouble with your spouse or the kids who are using too much soap, sanitizer or shampoo, you could find rubber to be extremely helpful. Wrap a rubber band around a dispenser pump several times and you should get better control over the liquid or cream inside and stop wasting more product than you need.

#4: Keep Your Fruits And Veggies Fresh For A Longer Time

You are probably familiar with the matter of fruits and veggies that get brown when sliced and cut. One way of preventing that would be to put two cut pieces of the same fruit together and secure it with rubber to prevent it from getting brown. You could be saving your fruits and vegetables for a later time.

#5: Tie Up Loose Ends

Rubber is often times used to secure various items together and prevent them from unraveling and getting lost or broken. For example, you could tie up your electrical cords around the house or some crayons using rubber bands and fix the problem.

#6: Use Rubber To Prepare Party Drinks

Most people like to party or they like to attend parties. However, we all know just how messy a party can become. With so many people, foods and drinks around a room, you could have a hard time keeping a constant eye on your drink/glass. Differently colored rubber bands could come to the rescue. Wrap them around your guests’ cups and they will have an easier time identifying their drinks at all times.

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